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Environmental Remediation K22

Abandoned Site "Neuner"

As part of the environmental remediation of “Neuner”-tannery (K22) ferroDECONT manages the safeguarding of the groundwater.

Since May 2019, 36 m³/h of the groundwater contaminated with hexavalent chromium has been treated continuously.

Recovery of Metals


The project “RECOMET – Recovery of Metals” researched to what extent dissolved metals can be recovered from industrial wastewater.



From Pollutants to Valuable Materials

As part of the continuation of the RECOMET exploratory project, dissolved metals from wastewater were selectively removed and concentrated in order to achieve a transformation from pollutants to valuable materials.



Destruction of Organic Pollutants

Development of an alternative process for activated carbon filtration with the aim of degrading organic pollutants (e.g. BTX, Clopyralid, MTBE, PAHs, PCE, phenol, TCA) in groundwater.



In-situ Remediation of Chromat Damages

As part of two research projects, an innovative process for the remediation of heavy metal damages was developed: the ferrodecont process.


ReNOx 2.0

Recovery of nutrients from biogenic waste water

Research partner in the project “ReNOx 2.0” an innovative process for simultaneous energy- and cost saving recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus from biogenic raw- and open wastewaters.

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