ferroDECONT GmbH offers extensive solution expertise for securing and remediating of abandoned sites where the treatment of groundwater contaminated with heavy metals occurs.



Your advantages with us:

  • Cost saving
    The high costs for remediation of abandoned sites can be significantly reduced by our process. The mobile and compact concept of the treatment plant eliminates the initially high investment costs for a stationary infrastructure. Our Pump & Treat method guarantees quick operational readiness and promises rapid improvements in the pollutant situation of aquifers.
  • Low effort
    Groundwater contamination can be secured easily and with little effort, which prevents the soluble pollutants from spreading further.
  • Reduce soil excavation
    By securing or renovating with the ferrodecont method, the excavation of soil material can be dispensed with or limited to the hot-spot areas.
  • Compact and space-saving design
    Established operational processes are not affected by the compact design and the ability to move the treatment plant.
  • No increase of salinity
    The cleaned water can be discharged more easily because of the low salinity and thus ensures a gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning method.
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
    The degree of system automation enables the operator to monitor the process from the office chair. Important notifications are sent via email or SMS. With the visualization tool, control parameters can be adjusted and the entire measured values can be overviewed at a glance.
  • Save resources
    In addition to financial resources, the ferrodecont process also conserves natural resources. Our input material is environmentally friendly and durable, has few storage requirements and a low ecological footprint. We transform pollutants to secondary raw materials.
  • Zero waste
    With renewable electric energy for the plant´s pumping capacity and the recovery of metals from the heavy metal sludge a big step towards “zero waste” is made.