Our main aim is to purify, without the means of chemicals, poisonous effluents and not to dispose of the heavy metals contained within but to recycle them and utilize them in a worthwhile way.


The registered patented process ferroDECONT for the protection or reclamation of existing waste deposits is a definite step towards a responsible handling of our environment. We support the ambitious European environment aims for 2050 and with our present and future development, we would like to make a contribution to saving economical resources.


We would like to show, both as client and business partner, that with our high performance and flexible technology, cost effectiveness and sustainability with our help can be combined. Therefore, the responsibility for present and future generations is no longer meaningless.


Nature teaches us a perfect closing of the cycle. In our company, we want to work every day to reach this aim in order to make our vision reality.


Join us on this exciting journey.

copper precipitation
copper precipitation after waste water treatment