Industrial waste water flows make high demands on treatment systems. Due to the different compositions of the waters, there is no single panacea. However, it is much more important to have the right partner at your side.


Your advantages with us:

  • Cost saving
    Savings through the elimination of disposal costs of contaminated wastewater due to direct/indirect discharge is possible. Suitable process waters can also be used in other processes, since the cleaning method does not need additional salting, which makes circulation easier.
  • Space-Saving design
    Our modular process concept is suitable for implementation in existing plants as well as a stand-alone version in the form of a flexible system that can be expanded as required.
  • No increase of salinity
    Only electrons with the pollutant are exchanged by the input material. This prevents salting of the treated water.
  • Save resources
    As in the treatment of contaminated sites, financial and natural resources benefit from our process. The environmentally friendly application material and the capability of sludge recycling contribute a significant part to an ecologised waste water treatment.
  • Recycling of valuable materials
    The pollutant dissolved in the waste water is precipitated as a solid and is mainly deposited as hydroxide sludge. This results in a circuit closure with a downstream recycling and the original pollutant becomes, so to speak, a secondary recyclable material for subsequent processes.
  • Remote monitoring an maintenance
    An automated solution today is not a question of whether, but rather of how. We can implement our system into existing processes. Or you can get a self-sufficient way to monitor and control our cleaning system from the office. Choose smartphone, tablet and/or PC, there are no limits to the system.